May 27, 2022 • 41M

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Podcast: On Clarity with Marianna, Designing an Intentional Life, George Soros, One Quote and One Question

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Happy Friday and a big welcome to all new subscribers, thanks for subscribing.

Before getting started I want to express my sympathy for the victims and families of Uvalde, Texas.

Before writing for Wealth Beyond Money I was once a teacher in Texas schools. One of the reasons I write this newsletter is to do my small part in focusing more attention on the conditions that contribute to the frequent and needless violence in schools.

We would do well as a society to divert some time from money making, hustling, and spending acitivities to gathering things money can’t buy. Our quality of life depends on it.

Here is your weekly dose of Wealth Beyond Money Top 5 things on my mind.

1) One Wealth Beyond Money Idea

In a world of abundant information clarity is priceless.

This week on the podcast we interviewed Marianna Zelichenko.

She is the founder of Odder Being, a Dutch personal development brand that promotes the art of making your own choices. After discovering she enjoys entrepreneurship more than her consultancy job at a Big 4, polyamory more than traditional relationship styles and flexibility more than a house in the suburbs, Marianna realized she'd have to forge her own path. With Odder Being, she helps others do the same and get clear on what kind of life works best for them.

Take a listen and connect with her here after the show.

2) One Tweet

3) One Thing I’m Exploring

Picked up this new book:

George Soros: A Life in Full.

I’ve read lots of criticism of Soros and his philanthropy over the years. His ideas on protecting the individual from the collective resonate with me in light of my past involuntary involvement with a collectivist cult and the emergence of cancel culture in secular circles more recently.

Politics aside applying the philosophy of reflexivity in the markets made Soros the billions he now uses to fund his vision of open anti-collectivist societies.

4) One Quote

You can make more money, you can’t make more time

5) One Question For You to Consider

Is the vision for my perfect day clear in my mind?

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