Oct 14, 2022 • 48M

Immeasurable Worth

Podcast Edition: Life Worth Living, One Tweet: Investing In What Is Meaningful, Exploring: TimeFlow the Game, Poem: As You Have Done for Me

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Happy Friday and a big welcome to all new subscribers, thanks for subscribing.

Here is this week’s collection of Wealth Beyond Money Top 5 things on my mind.

1) One Wealth Beyond Money Idea

A podcast this week with guest Angelo Ongpin and co-host Luis.

Angelo has been involved in the real estate space in Seattle, WA since 2005 as a real estate investor, mortgage broker, short sale negotiator, loan modification expert, real estate professional, productivity coach and team lead.

He brings a wealth of experience in mindset development, sales, influence, and cash management. He is a fanatic about helping newer entrepreneurs (especially in the sales and real estate space), achieve multiple six-figure success and hold onto that money so they can do the things that matter most to them. He believes that being an entrepreneur should not only create money and value, but it should also create time for the owner.

Money helps us live, but having time allows us to create a life worth living.

Turns out Luis and Angelo are both in Medellin these days along with Kia another community member. Here is a picture they shared with me. In a way it’s the first Wealth Beyond Money meetup!

If you like the idea of meeting others in the community either in person or online I can host something. Or if you like we can host you on the podcast as a guest.

2) One Tweet

3) One Thing I’m Exploring

One of my favorite games is Cashflow by Robert Kiyosaki. If you haven't played it there are usually groups in every city that get together to meet other investors and talk about wealth building. If you are ever in Dallas or Mexico City and want to join a game reach out.

There is also an online game version that teaches many of the same concepts and adds other wealth elements that go beyond money like time management and wellness.

It’s called Timeflow and it's available for purchase here.

4) One Quote

A poem this time shared with me by one of you.

As You Have Done for Me by Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer

If you were here

I would put my hand

on your heart

and hold it there

until our breaths

became a single tide,

hold it there until

I could feel the moment

when you remember

your infinite value.

It’s so easy to forget

we are treasure.

So easy to lose track

of our own immeasurable worth.

The chest rusts shut.

We think we are empty.

Amazing how easily

we are fooled into believing

we’re paupers.

Sometimes it takes another

to remind us

we have always been

not only the treasure

but also the key.

Though the hinges

are a metaphor,

the treasure is not.

We were made to open,

to share our priceless gift,

to press our hands

to each other’s hearts

until we all remember…

5) One Question For You

How can I make it a habit to value the immeasurable?

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